I am freshly married to my best friend! 

I graduated from Biola University with a degree in film production (and a minor in Bible). and then after graduation I landed my feet in Nashville, TN.

In Nashville I jumped right into the music scene, going on tour as a videographer for Sara Evans.

After that tour, I decided to start my own freelance production company with my sister, Lindsey.

                                                                                              I'm the little one with the curls ;)

                                                                                              I'm the little one with the curls ;)

We titled it Maylin Chaise Productions. Maylin is a combination of our names. And Chaise is in honor of the big chair we had in our house growing up. We would sit in our mom's lap and tell her all the stories of our school day. That chair is a huge part of our childhood and where we started telling stories.

  I love connecting with artists and being in the studio watching music come to life. And I love that I get to travel all over, to meet the best bride's and groom's a videographer could ask for! 

After I got married, I moved to South Florida with my husband where I teach high schoolers all about my world of film, photography and how I run my business. 

I got into film because I needed to tell a story. I love spotting the story that is already in someone and highlighting that. I think that's one of my favorite things that I offer as a filmmaker: I'm a true fan. I'm a fan of people, talent, inspiration, and deep love. So when I'm filming, I'm filming what moves me. I'm filming something I'm experiencing that I want to share with the world.