Kenna Tyler Samuel

How do I even start this?! 

I have had the opportunity to capture some pretty amazing things. As you all know, I love capturing true life moments and being able to share those stories. But this type of moment is new, and a personal one for me. I filmed my childhood best friend giving birth to her first born. It was truly one of my favorite days. 

Some months ago I got a Facetime call from Heidi at her home in Dallas. She had big news. She and her husband Tyler were expecting a baby! My immediate response was, "I'm coming! I'm filming it!" It wasn't until later I thought to myself that in a normal circumstance this probably isn't the type of occasion you invite yourself to. But luckily, our friendship is anything but your everyday casual friendship. She's my person. (Those are also the kind words she reminded me after I called her back to give her the opportunity to politely decline the imposed invite.)

So the day finally came! It was time for baby girl's birth day... 

I flew in the day of her delivery. When Heidi's family picked me up from the airport they told me she was 2cm dilated. The doctors had given her an epidural for the pain and told her to take a nap because she hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. 

So now we wait.

The top picture is the communications team busy at work keeping loved ones informed! 


I went back to check on the beautiful mother to be.

She had been keeping a journal of her events from her pregnancy experience. And, oh yeah, she woke up from that glorious nap 9cm dilated! Things were about to be in full swing! 


In the moments leading up to her delivery, she was pretty calm. She had her supportive and attentive husband right next to her, supplying her with an endless amount of water and kisses. 

Tyler was already winning the best dad award and documenting every moment. 


And then it was time...

That was your sneak peek but more on that in the video! So make sure to watch the video below!

One more story I wanted to share with you from this precious day. 

They named their baby girl Kenna Tyler Samuel. Kenna has a lot of ties to their family history. One of those being Heidi's sister Brooke McKenna who Heidi has always endearingly referred to as Kenna. Brooke had no idea that her sister was planning on naming her baby after her.  Watching as Brooke processed the news was beautiful to witness.

And here was her reaction:

But once again, you need to see the video to see the full reaction. (have tissues in hand)

"You are beautiful like your mother. You are grace you are light. A better version of our past from the starting line. We were changed in an instance. We became so much more. Our definition of perfect was written when she was born."

- Sleeping At Last

And for your enjoyment, here is Heidi and Macey as baby friends.

And here is Heidi and Macey holding Heidi's baby! 


And as promised, here is that video:


You are worth knowing. You are a true friend. You have a beautiful soul, an unbeatable humor, and a contagious joy. You are incredibly understanding, full of grace and loyal to the end. You have a presence about you that draws people to you. I could not be more proud to be your friend. YOU ARE WORTH KNOWING. And to know you is to love you. You shine you beautiful woman! 

You are the perfect mother for Kenna. 

Thank you for allowing me to play a small part of that beautiful day. 

I love you.

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