How to Incorporate Your Wedding Theme

Today we are honored to feature another one of our fabulous brides as a guest blogger! Everyone, please meet Katie Davidson! Brides ask me about Katie's wedding all the time, so I am pleased to introduce you to this brilliantly stylish bride herself! She has such a fun personality and it totally comes out in every detail of her wedding. You're going to love this! Take it away, Katie! Tell us about your Kate Spade Carnival themed wedding!

"My theme was what I would call Kate Spade Carnival.  The colors were white and black stripes and floral-emphasis on kelly green and punch pink! I have a love obsession with Kate Spade and knew my fiancé was not a dancer so I had to make it fun some how- hence the carnival!"

"I incorporated Kate Spade into how I asked my bridesmaids to be in the wedding by giving them Kate Spade sayings (eg: She is quick and curious and playful and strong) with a bouquet.  Their dresses were also sheer black polka dot which Kate loves her polka dots!  Our invitations were floral and striped as well.  My sparkly Kate Spade shoes hid under my fluffy dress and made few, but great appearances.  Every bright colored bouquet was tied with black and white striped ribbon.  We had black and white striped table runners with white cake stands with pineapples and magnolia’s with some yellow, pink, peach flower arrangements." 

"The carnival theme started with the programs.  They were more like booklets and had puzzles and games to keep the guests entertained. (Ceremonies can be boring, I get it) As you walked to the reception, we had large signs showing the different games you could play before or after.  The signs played on words and said things like, “If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it,” for ring toss, etc.  We had ringtoss, corn hole, horseshoes, a photo booth, and tattoos with our picture and sayings. We had an awesome venue who had putt-putt, basketball, and swings to add to the theme!  Instead of the bouquet toss (which is torture to single ladies…been there, hated that) we had a piñata which I think was pretty fun and carnival-like. I had popcorn, cotton candy, and many cakes (after my favorite artist Wayne Thiebaud’s painting, Cakes)."

"My favorite piece that reflected the theme was when my now husband, “kissed the bride” the maid of honor and best man shot off glitter confetti, which was pretty Kate Spade if I don’t say so myself.  People on the airplane in the morning were still picking glitter out of my hair.  Still worth it!"

"If I was giving a tip to a friend who was engaged and didn’t know where to start I would tell her to do something that will make you smile!  My family said because I was having the wedding on a farm it had to be shabby chic.  I thought about it and realized that would not make me happy on my special day! So I decided to do what made me excited to plan and went with it! It turned out exactly as I had imagined.  Also, I wish you could rent my sister because she was the BEST MAID OF HONOR EVER! Find someone who truly cares about you and your vision and maid of honor that chick! Finally, have a coordinator.  Not necessarily a planner (costly!) but a coordinator to direct the pace of the wedding.  It will save you a lot of stress."

Thank you, Katie for all of this great advice and giving everyone a behind the scenes peek into your wedding world! It was such a fun day and I was blessed to be there and meet your sweet family! Capturing your beauty and love was easy and an honor! I love your contagiously joyful personality and I'm grateful for our new friendship! You're a treasure!

(P.S. All of these fabulous photos were taken by the Nashville based photographer, Caley Newberry! Not only is she super talented, I truly had a great time working with her, walking through crops with her, and swapping creative tips! She's the real deal!)

Now, here it is!!! The motion picture of this wonderful wedding! Be on the look out for my favorite detail... her CAKES! (Yes, I said cakeS plural!) I am obsessed with this!

with love, Macey

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