The Gilman Wedding

It was gorgeous. It was timeless. It was passionate.

Tiffany and Evan's wedding was set in Ocala, Florida on a beautiful February evening surrounded by spectacular outdoor views. It was at the rustic Bellemoore Plantation, where everywhere you look is beautiful and picturesque. 

Tiffany's bridesmaids did one of the coolest things for her that I haven't seen done before. They had a polaroid camera and were taking pictures throughout the entire event. With ever snap they would take, they would slip the picture into an album that was made specifically for polaroid pictures. They also were having people write little notes and would slip that into the album as well. 

I watched as a picture of Tiffany's grandmothers was taken (just like this one I took) and slipped into the album. 

At the end of the night, the bridesmaids gave her the book right before she hopped into her get-away car! Talk about reminiscing immediately! I loved the idea of Tiffany and Evan being able to look back, process, and chat about all the memories as they drove off from their best day ever! 

Another one of my favorite parts of the night was the amazing dancing! (Watch video below to see some of the smooth moves!) Tiffany and Evan did a celebration of other couples by doing a couples dance. They had all the couples come out on the floor to dance and the DJ would ask them to step away by anniversary after each minute.

So for example, "If you've been married for less than 5 years, please leave the dance floor. If you've been married for less than 10 years, please leave the dance floor." etc. People would clap and cheer for the couples exiting the dance floor. By the end, the oldest married couple was left and asked to give advice for the newly married, Tiffany and Evan. It was a really special treat. 

The great dancing was made possible by the cutest flats worn by the bridesmaids and bride!

I now present to you... The Gilman Wedding: