How to Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Tips from a Real Bride

All photos by Laura Stone at

All photos by Laura Stone at

Brooke White is still one of our most talked about brides! And it's easy to see why! Her wedding was a dream! She was surrounded by family and friends, standing next to her adoring husband, and watching the visions of all her gorgeous details come to life. Not to mention the joy that comes from the dance floor basically being filled with your entire family. That all makes for not just a great video but an unforgettable day! She is here to share some tips on how to relax and enjoy your wedding day. Brooke is precious inside and out and we think you'll agree! 

Take in Each Moment

Throughout my wedding day, I made a point to take in each moment. The day goes by so fast and it can all be such a blur by the end of the night! I decided the moment I woke up that morning, that nothing was going to bring me down. I tried to remember the importance of the day and what the true meaning behind it was instead of getting caught up in the details. I reminded myself over and over, 'it doesn't matter what goes wrong today, because at the end of the day, I will still be married to my best friend!" Don't get so caught up in the details of the wedding that you forget what the day is all about. You're committing your life to someone else, and that should be the most important thing! It's a day of celebration, so enjoy it and celebrate with all your friends and family.

Don't Get Overwhelmed

It was hard for me not to stress about my wedding day, because I wanted it to be perfect! When it was finally the big day, I learned very quickly that things are going to go wrong, and it's ok. Instead of dealing with everything yourself, ask your friends and family for help! They are there to have your back and they want to make this day special for you. Just don't be too bossy! Remember that you only get to do this once, and you don't want to spend your only wedding day stressing out the whole time. It's an exciting day, so enjoy every minute of it no matter what might be going wrong! Refuse to let anything bother you. There were several things that went wrong on my wedding day, but I still consider it the best day of my life!

See Brooke and Justin's wedding video below!

{It should also be noted that her wedding ran even more smoothly thanks to her amazing Atlanta based wedding coordinator Susan Graham }