Justin Klump's New EPK

Justin Klump is a true artist and creative genius! Typically I have filmed him in the studio making music, but just recently, I got to film him creating something completely different: pasta! 

When he came to me with the idea to film his musician EPK in his kitchen, I was immediately on board! It was so different than any other EPK I had filmed. A kitchen seems to be a far cry from the usual location of a music studio, but Justin proved that his artistry isn't confined to just the studio. It was the perfect place to talk about the connection of being an artist, a creator, and a human. 

Justin has this hidden love for cooking, and sharing that was the perfect visual to his love for music. The analogies were endless. This storyline brilliantly shed light on Justin as a musician, but even more, as an artist. And for Justin, both mediums have an underlying message of hope. 

Enjoy the video! 

love, macey