Golden Wish List

Have you ever heard of a “Golden Birthday”? It’s when the age you are turning matches the day of your birth. So for instance, I’m turning 26 this year on October 26th. I’m not really sure if any specific traditions coincide with this “holiday”, but nonetheless I’m looking forward to it with as much, if not more anticipation than any other birthday before this. 

I view birthdays much like the standard “New Year” we all celebrate together on January 1st. Birthdays are the start of a new year, a time for change, a time for resolutions, a new year. And with this birthday, I have a new hope that 26 will bring even more adventures than 25 did. 

Each birthday also brings a new “wish list”. 

First you should know- I’m the Queen of a good Birthday “Wish List”. Ask anyone in my family. Let’s be real…finding the “perfect” gift for someone can be hard, so I aim to make it easier on everyone by providing a list. I look at it as a “Help Me Help You” sort of thing. 

This year as I looked at the different things I’d included on my “Wish List”, I realized that as I’ve grown older, the types of items on my “Wish List” have gone through a lot of change. My “Wish List” has begun to reflect the natural change in priority that accompanies “adulthood”. For instance, when I was young, my “Wish List” consisted of American Girl doll ANYTHING. Compare that to the response I gave my Dad when he asked what I wanted for my 25th Birthday. I told him, “Pick a bill, any bill, and pay it.” 

At some point, I began to add items that speak to the responsibility of adulthood instead of the fun of childhood. But the thing is, these “adulthood” gifts are still just as exciting! 

This year, as I considered how best to gift myself, I stopped to consider where I am in life. I knew I wanted it to be something that would last past my Birthday. I wanted it to be an investment into the year ahead. I wanted it to be fun and  meaningful with a dash of “practicality”, if you will.

I thought through my past year. 25 wasn’t easy, but it was a year of growth and new beginnings. I worked hard to get my videography/photography business up and running. I stretched myself artistically, tried new things and developed some new skills along the way. I accomplished a lot of things that, while not always earth-shattering, were vital building blocks to the future I envision and am working toward. And then it hit me. The best way to round out year 25 and begin year 26 was to take all the things I have learned and all the dreams I have yet to realize and share them in my own personal blog on a new and improved website. So I did it! I started a new website and blog!   

I have mixed emotions about this gift. With it comes work, time management, creative challenges, and stretching myself through writing. But I’m ready for the challenge! As we get older, our “Wish Lists” change. Practicality can seep it’s way in, our priorities change and we develop and grow. But the best part is that the giddiness and glee I felt as a little girl when I received my American Girl Doll is the same giddiness and glee I feel at 26 as I start this website and blog!

So here’s to meeting new people, working on my spelling, processing my thoughts, learning new things, and stretching my creativity on these blog pages. Here’s to 26! My hope is that it truly is golden!

Macey NortonComment